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Alchemy + Ecology
The Great Work & Ecological Mutualism
Trees of Life - Ecosystem Services
The Way ☯ Ecological Succession
Connection To Place
One Love

Alchemy as including sciences and transformations, unifying connections with Source, self-actualiztion, and the relationships between consciousness and matter.

Ecology as including agroforestry, biocultural restoration, regenerative lifestyles and landscapes, and fulfilling basic needs in mutualism with that which supports oneself.

Hermit thrush image via https://www.post-gazette.com/life/my-generation/2015/05/27/Let-s-talk-about-birds-Hermit-thrush/stories/201505270028

This is the blog and enterprise of one person, inspired by many. A blog to document and inspire. An enterprise to provide resilient, low-input material & information supporting mass food forest restoration and trees for basic needs at home and community scales. Tree propagation and tree crop utilization are near and dear to my heart, as is the alchemy of knowing and following one’s heart. שלום

Let me show you around this vast forest. *Unrolls map.*

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